Amazon links to some items I use in my business!

I hope you find this helpful!  I am an amazon affiliate and make a small commission if you shop here!  Thank you!

Reverse Tweezers:

My Label Maker:

Air Purifier:

The lights I use for Facebook Lives:

The Facebook Live Phone Stand I use:

The light box I use:

Option for a Facebook Live Background:

The paper cutter Landa and I use!

Packaging materials for classes:

Dymo Labelwriter for mailings/labeling packets:

Labels to help with mailings!

Photo and video backgrounds:

Facebook Live stand I use for team meeting make & takes.

This is the phone mount I use for my Facebook Lives:

Ring light I use for team meeting Facebook Lives:

Light bulbs for my Facebook Live and photo lamps:

I use these for Facebook Live (I don't use the umbrellas):

I use this on my table for a background on my Facebook Lives now. It's stuck to my table, and it was very easy to apply!
I also use this light for my team meeting Facebook Lives:

Record Boxes for mailing 12 x 12:

These are the other lights I use for my Facebook Lives:

Record (LP) boxes to mail 12x12:

Stamp Cases:

Scissor Charm:

Lobster Clasp Recognition:
Bingo Playing Cards (instead of the cage of balls):

Stands I use for live class samples:

I use this to hold my Ipad when doing Facebook Lives so I can see the video on another device:
Bingo cards:

Velcro Dots:

I use these to mail class kits (protects from getting wet):
Bags for orders:

Microphone for Zoom:

Webcam for my laptop for Zoom:
I use this to display stamp sets and samples:

These work great for ribbon off the roll:

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I am an amazon affiliate and earn a small percentage of your purchase!  Thank you!

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