Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stampin' Up!'s Many Merry Stars Tips and a Video

I've been working on my Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit for my class Friday!  I have them all decorated - all I need to do is finish assembling.  But I have the class instructions ready and hopefully have worked out all of the kinks!  I will post a picture of each individual star after I get them all assembled. 

I also made a video!  The link is below.

 I've added the class instructions below also - hopefully they will help you when you put your kit together (order online anytime or contact me to order!).  And, I have a couple of spots for Friday's class available (9:00 am or 6:30 pm).  Contact me to sign up.

Here is a video with lots of tips!

Many Merry Stars Kit Class/Tips:

Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit (138104, $25.95)  Makes 26 stars!  Plus lots of leftovers!

1.     Don’t open and separate your kit yet!  Just pull out one of the sheets of white punch outs AND one of the sheets of plain kraft stars.  We are going to do all of the stamping first (see the sample provided).    Stamps: Many Merry Stars (138105, $15.95) – while supplies last only!

2.     After you stamp, you are ready to decorate the front of each star.  Decorate as shown on front of insert (and see my samples).

3.     Decorating Tips:

4.     The red stickers don’t stick so well.  Re-enforce them with some Tombow Multi Adhesive (liquid glue). 

5.     For all of the skinny words, put tiny (I mean TINY) dots of Tombow on the back to adhere.

6.     Tombow is also used for the sequins.  You can place a tiny dot on the project, then place the sequins on that, or vice versa.

7.     The snowflakes are DELICATE.  REMEMBER THIS ALL DAY – pick up the snowflakes by ONE stem/stick, – pick up the snowflakes by ONE stem/stick, – pick up the snowflakes by ONE stem/stick…  Light touch!  If they break, you can glue them back together on the project.  You will use all except two large and one medium.  They are attached with Tombow.

8.     I used Mini Glue Dots on the BOWS only.  You will use all of the bows except ONE white one (in case you want to assemble all at one time).

9.     The 3-D newsprint stars: fold in half with bone folder.  Place a skinny strip of Tombow along the back folded edge of one, stick to the next, repeat.  Hold for a few seconds, then gently pull apart/fan out – so they don’t get glued flat.  Place a skinny strip on the back one to attach to star – OR attach flat depending on the star/design.

10.                       Assemble!  Here are some important tips:

11.                       DON’T TOUCH THE STICKY WHEN AT ALL POSSIBLE!  Light touch.

12.The smallest stars may need a little Sticky Strip re-enforcement.  If you follow the steps below, the rest should not need any help.  Glue Dots DO NOT work well for re-enforcement.

13.I recommend starting with the largest of the small stars to assemble.  On each star: step one: The side pieces match in design and size.  Fold the side piece with a BONE FOLDER (mountain/valley) – crease really well on each score mark.  Use the bone folder on the pieces you fold over with the sticky (tabs), too.  Crease, crease, crease.  This will help your stars stay together.

14.Attach the BOTTOM piece of the star first, peeling off ONE SECTION at a time – both sides if there is adhesive on both.  So peel (both if two), stick, peel, stick, etc.  AT THE END peel off the tab that attaches this strip together and attach.

15.NOW USE YOUR BONE FOLDER and stick it inside the star and press everywhere to re-enforce the adhesive.

16.Then, peel off the sticky on the other side (front) all of the way around.  If there is sticky on both sides, peel off both.  Press the pieces that touch together.

17.When you attach the decorated front, you may need to pinch the sides of the big star together to get a better fit (so the bottom of the star doesn’t show on the top).

18.THEN, when the top is attached, press/pinch it to the adhesive that’s underneath to secure.