Monday, August 26, 2019

Have you heard about our kit special?!

Starter Kit Special!! ENDS August 31, ANYONE can get the Starter Kit for $99 plus tax only (FREE SHIPPING) and choose $155 in ANY MERCHANDISE they want!! I'm talking to you!

WANT TO SHOP FROM THE HOLIDAY CATALOG NOW and with a discount? YOU CAN! YOU can choose Holiday Catalog items IN THE $155, PLUS you can order more once you get the kit!

Want to view Holiday Catalog Merchandise now? I can tell you how you can see it online today!

There is no commitment if you get the kit! But, you will receive a discount through at LEAST JANUARY 2019!!!! Imagine purchasing for yourself at a discount, ordering from the Holiday Catalog in August with your discount, earning free host benefits on your $150 or more orders, and more!!!

You don’t have to do parties or anything you don’t want! But, I do offer training, live and online meetings, incentives, card swap opportunities, exclusive Facebook group, and more!

Let me know if you’re ready, and I can help you July 1!! You can also get the kit yourself here!

I hope to talk to you soon!!