Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Antigua had our favorite beach! I collected ALL these shells on the one beach! My friend Tamye was there, so Isabelle got to play with her daughter, McRae. It was great! I did collect one special shell - it had a critter in it! I was walking along and suddenly felt a scratching on my hand. No biggie, I glanced at it, and a crab was coming out! I quickly threw the poor thing to the sand, then I took his picture...

Freebies from Stampin' Up!

On the cruise we always get lots of free stuff! Check out that purse in the background. I also WON a drawing for a free Flip Video Camera with Island Oasis Designer Print on it!!

Thanks to my awesome family for being so supportive - Scott and Isabelle - for letting me do my classes at the house and go do parties. Thanks to my customers and downline who made it possible for me to earn the trip, and, thanks to Stampin' Up! for the free trip!

More Cruise Photos

Here are Isabelle and I with Shelli Gardner, the Co-Founder of Stampin' Up!.
And, check out this ship! It is a real ship that was in all 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Roots, too. We got to ride on it on a really fun excursion to a beach (Pigeon Island) in St Lucia. There was a treasure hunt when we got there, and we found 2 treasures!

Stampin' Up! Cruise

We are back from our Southern Caribbean Cruise!! We got to go for FREE with Stampin' Up! on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas!
These are just SOME of the highlights: