Saturday, April 27, 2013

Get NEW Catalog Merchandise with the Starter Kit!

Did you know the Starter Kit is on special AND that you can choose some BRAND NEW merchandise in the kit?? 

For only $99, you choose $155 of ANYTHING YOU WANT!  You don't even pay shipping, just tax, so about $107. 

There is no obligation when you get the kit.  You will be able to get a discount and some other benefits through at least October 31 without doing anything!

You can view the new items by clicking on Sneak Peek Items on my website (you can even sneak a peek if you DO NOT WANT THE KIT!).  There are also two other links there: Sample Starter Kit and Suggested Items.


Have a great week!!


Click here to place your online order now, then click Shop Now!  Don't miss out on the retiring items!

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