Monday, August 8, 2011

Suprise Party!!

My AWESOME downline (and Scott & Isabelle) gave me a surprise party at my demonstrator meeting this weekend!  I was shocked!!  It was a celebration of me earning Number Three Demonstrtor of the Year.  I have to thank them ALL so much.  I wouldn't have been number three without them!  It's been 9 awesome years of doing what I love with people I love. 

Check out the cake!  And, check out the 12x12 Congratulations card with all those flowers!  I'm so lucky!!

Isabelle and the cake she and Scott brought in.
Nikki "hijacking" the meeting

Karrie saying stuff about me that was too nice!

Me with the plaque they made for me.

The cake!

The AWESOME card!

Another card - from Karrie.

A framed photo collage from Nikki.

My group!

One more view of the cake.

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