Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Club Starting Soon!!!

I'm excited to announce my NEW Club!!!  I have lots of customers who love Stampin' Up! products but feel they have enough cards and scrapbook pages for now.  So, I had an idea - start a Craft Club!  Here are the details.  I have five signed up, so I just need five more and we'll start!!  Contact me to join!

NEW Hostess Club Available:


Why?  You love Stampin’ Up! but want to make more than cards and scrapbook pages.

Once a month for the next 10 months you commit to purchasing at least $29.00 (before tax & shipping) worth of Stampin’ Up! products. There will be a workshop held each month at my house (or new classroom) that all of the members can attend, however, you never have to attend a workshop if you don’t want to. At each workshop, there will be ONE to TWO planned projects to complete (must be present to complete OR a club member can make yours for you).

You receive the catalog FREE! Orders must be placed at the time of the monthly workshop. (If you can’t attend, just contact me with your order and arrange to make payment.)

When it is your month to receive the hostess benefits, you may invite guests to boost your workshop sales. When you host, you will receive AT LEAST $50 in FREE MERCHANDISE!! (Based on club member’s orders.) Guests pay $12 for the projects, or it’s free for them with any order of $29 or more (guest club member). You may also collect outside orders to boost your sales. When you are hostess, you can make one request for the month (within reason – card type and/or techniques – at my discretion).

The club meets on the third or fourth Saturday of each month at 6:30 (I am considering changing time to 9 or 10 AM) AND the following Monday at 9 AM and 7 PM (subject to change depending on holidays/me being out of town). You only need to come to ONE date each month, and you DO NOT have to come to the same day every month. The projects are the same for all 3 times. A drawing will be held before the first workshop to decide who is the first hostess, second hostess, and so on. You will be notified as soon as the drawing has been held of the month you will be the “hostess” – the month you receive hostess benefits based on the orders that month. There is more than one club meeting at these same times, so the guests at the club may or may not be in "your club".

**Important Club Policies: You MUST be present at club meetings to complete projects (unless a club member will complete yours at the club meeting for you). I cannot make/stamp for you. And, you are committing to purchasing $29 a month for the next 10 months in a row (even on months you are unable to attend).

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