Memory Keeping Club

Want to get caught up on your Scrapbooking?
Join a Memory Keeping Club!
(See photos and a video at the bottom.)

Do you have boxes and boxes of photos?  Or, even worse, are all of your photos trapped in your phone and computer?  

Now, you can start organizing your photos quickly and easily - without all of the time, money, and creativity required of traditional scrapbooking.  You combine photos and journaling with pre-designed cards that come in our exclusive Card Collections. and you will end up with a gorgeous album that documents your life!  You will spend less time and money!  Check out the samples below.

I do recommend you start out by ordering/printing your photos and organizing them.  Then, just get a few packs of Assorted Project Life Page Protectors, a Project Life Card Collection of your choice, and some Journaling Pens and get started!  

To help you, you can join the new club and work on your albums once a month on Friday night and/or Saturday morning!  The beauty is you don't have to lug tons of supplies to work on your albums!  Just your photos, card collections, page protectors, and journaling pens!  

How the club works: 

Each month we will do a 2 page layout.  The first month will be 3 pages, and then 2 from then on.  

We will start with the current month and by the end of the club you will have pages for every month - Jan-Dec (a 12 month, 24 page album).  If you attend or join mid-club, you will start with the month we are currently on.  Guests are always welcome! 

In club, I would provide page one for you (the protector), and you are responsible for purchasing the 12x12 variety packs for the rest of the club.  **I recommend this purchase at the first club meeting if you don't have already. Two packages of variety pack 1 will be all of the pages you need for the club pages.  You will purchase others for the pages you work on individually during club or at home.

We will be making our inserts, not using the pre-made Project Life Card Collections, BUT I do recommend you use the pre-made cards, too, to make your scrapbooking go much faster!  We are making ours in club so I can show you other ways to use Project Life.
Each club will be self-paced, so, for example, you would come to Friday or Saturday and do your pages - but you could also stay and keep working on your own albums the entire time.  Friday will be 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (come and go anytime), and Saturday will be 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (come and go anytime).  So, you could even come Friday night, leave your stuff, and come back Saturday and work more.  Feel free to bring snacks - for yourself or to share!!

The club lasts 12 months and is a $15 order a month.  (Guests to club pay $10 or FREE with a $15 order.)

Contact me about joining or attending as a guest today! 

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