HELP! I'm new to stamping - what's this all about?

First, let me say, I am NOT a crafty person!  You do not have to be crafty to enjoy stamping!  It's so amazing that Stampin' Up! creates the beautiful artwork for us and provides us with amazing coordinating product so that all we have to do is ink, stamp, and embellish! 

If you are new to stamping or "not creative", get on Pinterest and search "stampin up".  You'll find thousands and thousands of ideas to COPY!!  It's totally fine to copy from other creative people.  And, they were probably inspired by or copied someone else, too!  There are very few original ideas in crafting!

But, Stampin' Up! also makes it easy for newbies with their card kits.  We have some all-inclusive kits that will get you started before you are ready to jump in to the big stamping world!  To view the kits, go to my website and click on Kits on the left and then All Inclusive Kits.  The all inclusive kits have paper, embellishments, stamps, a clear block, and ink!  They also include the instructions to make all of the projects.  Then, you can use the stamps and ink over and over forever! 

Let me know if you have any other questions on getting started!

Have a great day!

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