Clear Mount (Cling) and Photopolymer Stamp Tips

Click here for a video!

Assembling Cling/Clear Mount Stamp Sets: Leave the sticker on the sticker sheet - just peel off the protective coating from the back. Then, peel the other protective coating from the stamp and place the stamp on the sticker. Pull off of sticker sheet all as one piece. When you stamp with it, if there is a "shadow" or "edge" from the excess rubber around the stamp image, you can cut it off!
Why cling/clear?  It's RED RUBBER (the best!), but with some benefits of "clear" stamps.

Mounting Cling/Clear stamps to clear blocks: Make sure the block and the back (vinyl) of the stamp are clean. If they have oil from your fingers, they won't stick. You can clean them with either Stampin' Mist (Stampin' Up!'s stamp cleaner) or a window cleaner. Don't spray directly to stamp, instead, spray on a paper towel and then clean back of stamp. You can spray directly on clear block.

Then, place image on block and hold for 10 seconds. Stamp all you want, then clean stamp, peel off by getting your finger nail under sticker to make sure it comes off, too, and put back in your stamp case. Add a new image and stamp away!! You can also place as many stamps on one block at a time
as you want (benefit to those larger blocks).

Tip: Do not throw away the piece of rubber all of your stamp images are punched out of. Keep it in the box and put the images in it like a puzzle so you can see quickly if you are missing any stamps!

Photopolymer (see through) Stamp Sets: These stamps are much thinner than our other stamps and because of the material they are made of, they stamp differently.  When inking these stamps on the stamp pad, tap very gently.  They are so thin that when you ink them - if you press too hard ink will be all over your clear block.  When stamping on a plastic table (or any flexible surface), you will need a foam mat (I recommend the Stampin' Pierce Mat) under the cardstock to get a nice clean image.